вторник, 8 декабря 2020 г.

Combat status

Innovative technical solutions allow the Russian defense industry to build up the combat potential of modern weapons and military equipment

Among the characteristics of the effectiveness and reliability of weapons and military equipment, such as the range and accuracy of fire, power reserve, power-to-weight ratio, cross-country ability, other tactical and technical data, there is also such an important indicator as modernization potential. That is, the ability of technology to update and improve due to the design solutions incorporated in it, which is not possessed by every model of weapons and military equipment. But in the self-propelled artillery installation "Msta-S" and the two-link transporter DT-10, these qualities were initially laid down. This was used at Uraltransmash and at Vityaz Machine-Building Company JSC, having seriously improved these weapons and military equipment.

Recall that "Msta-S" (GABTU index - object 316, according to NATO classification - M1990 Farm) is a Soviet and Russian 152-mm divisional self-propelled howitzer, created at the Ural Transport Engineering Plant. Lenin and State prizes were awarded for the development and manufacture of this product. The chief designer of the self-propelled guns is Yuri Tomashov, the 152-mm 2A64 gun is Georgy Sergeev.

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