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New weapons can radically increase the firepower of the BRDM-2

The Soviet armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle BRDM-2 can be considered a real record holder, it served in the armies of more than 70 countries. Moreover, about fifty is still in operation.
It is known that about nine and a half thousand units were manufactured. In addition to the reconnaissance version, anti-tank vehicles with ATGMs of several types were created, anti-aircraft missiles, for chemical defense troops, command and staff, etc. 
It is not surprising that in many countries "twos" are being modernized to extend their service life. Known at least three dozen options. As you might expect, the best versions are made in Russia. The first, which was mass-produced and entered the troops, was the BRDM-2M.
She demonstrated retractable wheels, which simplified operation and made the machine lighter. Hatches appeared in the sides, which made it easier to board and leave. The suspension was unified with the BTR-80 armored personnel carrier.
Instead of the old fire-hazardous gasoline GAZ-41, a 136-horsepower diesel D-245.9 was installed.
New means of communication have been applied. The firing angle of the turret mount of the KPVT heavy machine gun increased to 60 degrees.
This option was tested during the hostilities during the August 2008 events in South Ossetia.
The latest version of the BRDM-2MS, which uses the most modern technologies, is considered even more advanced. For example, the commander's stabilized panoramic sight with a thermal imaging channel, which makes it possible to detect the enemy at a distance of up to 5 km in the daytime and up to 3.5 km at night.
Вооружение осталось прежним - один 14,5-мм КПВТ и спаренный с ним 7,62-мм ПКТМ. Имеется еще один двухканальный прицел и комплекс кругового обзора, состоящий из шести видеокамер.
Основательно доработана защита - благодаря установке бронированных панелей обеспечивается не только неуязвимость от пуль калибра 7,62 мм и 12,7 мм, но и от 14,5-мм в лобовой проекции на дистанциях от 300 метров. Повышена стойкость к различным минам.
Характеристики улучшены применением дизельного двигателя мощностью 150 л.с. Максимальная скорость по шоссе - до 100 км/ч. Машина может форсировать водные преграды на плаву. Запас хода - 1500 км.

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